A Tribute To Malta’s Letter Boxes

The first set of Maltapost stamps in the 2004 philatelic issues program, entitled letter boxes, will be issued on on March 12.

The set consists of five stamps ranging in value from 1c to 76c, with a total value of Lm1.52.

The set is designed by Alfred Caruana Ruggier and has been offset printed by Bundesdruckerei GmbH of Germany.

The postal service in Malta was established during the tenure of the Knights of Malta but it was during the reign of Queen Victoria that communication by means of letters became economical.

The introduction of pre-paid penny postage in 1840 in Britain made letter-writing popular.

In good time pillar and wall letter boxes were placed in various strategic places in the Maltese islands. Among the first were those next to police stations. Many have been re-sited to better accommodate the public, all of them retaining the traditional red.

The second set in this year's program, entitled Cats, and designed by Harry Borg, is being issued on March 26.

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