All downhill now for Hello Kitty: popular cartoon celebrates 30th birthday

Chunghwa Post are attempting to boost the popularity of philately among youths in Taiwan by releasing two new miniature sheets featuring the cartoon character Hello Kitty.

Hello Kitty is hugely popular throughout Asia and is celebrating her 30th birthday this year. Her image is certainly a familiar one, having adorned a huge variety of products over the years.

Two souvenir sheets, each consisting of two stamps will be released on 24th September. The first sees Hello Kitty and Dear Daniel (her boyfriend, apparently) enjoying a cup of coffee and taking a break from their hectic schedules in front of the Taipei 101 building.

The other sheet, once again features both Hello Kitty and Dear Daniel, this time feeding the birds on Fisherman's Wharf in Danshuei.

In addition to the two sheets, a First Day Covers, special album page and folder will also be available.

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