“From rocking to driving” – Europa 2015 stamp issue by Slovenian Post

“From rocking to driving” – Europa 2015 stamp issue by Slovenian Post
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3 votedvote is glad to inform our readers that Slovenia Post has revealed its version of stamps designed for Europa 2015 stamp competition. The issue consists of two items that depict a rocking horse and a toy car. The philatelic release was put into circulation on the 29th of May.

Today's children take their first steps into the world of movement and mobility with ride-on toys and toy cars. Not so many generations ago, rocking horses were among the most popular toys. Made of wood, sometimes with a metal frame, and painted or "dressed" in hide, rocking horses were a common sight in both urban and rural environments.

Today, despite the ubiquity of a vast variety of electronic and mechanical toys, rocking horses are making a comeback. They are made of natural materials or from combinations of various modern materials. As a result, a connection is being re-established between one of the most primary feelings of movement – rocking – and that "toy" of the modern age that has conquered all age groups: the car.
This connection has become a tangible reality thanks to three young Slovene industrial designers who have enjoyed notable successes both nationally and internationally.

Nika Zupanc has designed a car that functions simultaneously as a ride-on toy and as a toy car in its own right, a kind of mobile "rocking horse". She calls it the Konstantin B. The Giddy-up Rocking Horse by Mateja Panter and Jožica Curk, on the other hand, is a modern interpretation of the traditional rocking horse. Their starting point was an original rocking horse from 1956 and the principle of their approach can be summed up as "re-use, re-design and rethink".

A variety of materials and a careful choice of finishes and colours has allowed them to produce several variants, some for use and some purely decorative. The result is that the Giddy-up Rocking Horse and the Konstantin B are not simply toys, they are also objects, sculptures, that enhance the living environment of people of all ages.

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