Unique additions to Birds series of stamps were released by Latvian Post

Unique additions to Birds series of stamps were released by Latvian Post
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Latvijas Pasts, as got to know, has released unique additions to Birds series of stamps featuring the hoopoe (Upupa epops), bird of 2014 in Latvia, and the jack snipe (Lymnocryptes minimus), which has never been depicted before in philatelic editions of the world. The first-day cancellation of the new stamps is scheduled for May 16, 2014 in the post office Sakta.

The new stamps have been designed by artist Ģirts Grīva and each has a print run of 300,000 copies. The denomination of the stamp featuring the hoopoe is EUR 1.39, which corresponds to the cost of mailing a registered letter within Latvia, while the denomination of the stamp dedicated to the jack snipe is EUR 0.50, suitable for mailing a regular letter within Latvia. The release of the stamps is accompanied by the issue of two special envelopes depicting both birds, with a print run of 1,500 copies each.

"This year, the choice of bird species by Latvijas Pasts is very special from the philatelic point of view as regards fauna. You could say that it represents both poles of occurrence. The hoopoe, which incidentally is also the bird of the year in Latvia, is one of the most popular and frequently depicted birds on postage stamps. In turn, the jack snipe, which can rarely be observed because of its very private way of life, is to appear on a stamp for the first time in the world!" says the publicist Egīls Zirnis, who has a degree in biology and enjoys philately in his free time, collecting stamps from different countries featuring birds.

The Bird of the Year is one of the annual symbols of Latvian nature, which has been designated by the Latvian Ornithological Society since 1996 in order to draw more public attention to a particular bird species, obtain more information for research thereof or ensure special measures for its protection. Latvijas Pasts has issued Birds series of stamps since 2010, releasing two new stamps per year.

The next new philatelic release is scheduled for the end of May.

FDC - Latvijas Pasts Birds series of stamps

FDC - Latvijas Pasts Birds series of stamps

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