Ukrposhta announced the results of national competition “The Best Postage Stamp 2013”

Ukrposhta announced the results of national competition “The Best Postage Stamp 2013”
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Ukrposhta is pleased to announce the results of the national competition "The Best Postage Stamp 2013", where people from all over Ukraine were invited to vote.

This year the first prize has been awarded to the artistic postal block "Generous Ukraine. Autumn" by artist Nataliya Kokhal.

Generous Ukraine. Autumn - First Place


The second prize went to the postal block "The Beauty and Greatness of Ukraine. The Autonomous Republic of Crimea" by Oleksandr Kalmykov.

 The Beauty and Greatness of Ukraine. The Autonomous Republic of Crimea - Second Place



And the third to the postal block "The Ukrainian Household" by Kost Lavro.

The Ukrainian Household - Third Place


The winner, artist Nataliya Kokhal, says that working with stamps is very interesting. “A postage stamp is one of the symbols that represent the country in the world. Ukrainian stamps are recognized globally for their unique national flavour. It is very important for an artist to feel useful and needed. And winning a competition is a kind of incentive for further productive work and development”.

By casting their votes for the silver winner, ‘The Beauty and Greatness of Ukraine’. The Autonomous Republic of Crimea” by Oleksandr Kalmykov, Ukrainian people showed all their love for the beautiful Crimea. Huge cultural heritage, historical monuments and favourite tourist destinations in the Crimea have been immortalized in postage miniatures.

In addition to electing the best 2013 Ukrainian postage stamps, winners were also elected among respondents who voted for the winning stamps.

All artists that created the best stamps and winning respondents will receive special gifts, annual sets of 2013 Ukrainian stamps.

“The postage stamp competition is a very interesting and beneficial project, which is evidenced by the number of people participating in the voting,” said Ukrposhta’s Acting Director General, Mykhailo Pankiv. – “The stamp elected by Ukrainian people highlights the beauty of the original Ukrainian culture and nature. All Ukrainian people who sent their questionnaires have contributed to making the history of our country”.

It should be mentioned that it is not the first time that Nataliya Kokhal becomes the winner of the postage stamp competition. Her works on postal blocks “Generous Ukraine. Spring” and “Generous Ukraine. Summer”, by the results of the nationwide voting, won in 2011 and 2012 and received honorary rewards at philatelic exhibitions.

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