The upcoming Year of the Sheep celebrated by New Zealand Post

The upcoming Year of the Sheep celebrated by New Zealand Post
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3 votedvote is glad to introduce new stamp issue by New Zealand Post. This stamp release consists of four items that are dedicated to the 2015 Year of the Sheep. These stamps represent the multicultural nature of New Zealand. This is shown on these stamps through Chinese calligraphy, paper-cutting and line art illustration against backgrounds that represent New Zealand as 'the land of the long white cloud'.

80c – Pictogram

Many modern day Chinese characters are derived from pictograms – stylised drawings of the object they represent. The pictogram on this stamp is the Chinese character for 'sheep', conveying both the appearance and attributes of a sheep.

$1.40 - Paper-cut Sheep

In China, paper-cuts are used extensively as home decorations and can be affixed to practically anything, from walls to mirrors and even lanterns to bring good luck. This stamp shows a paper-cut design of a sheep, decorated in traditional Chinese patterns of beauty and tranquility.

$2.00 – Sheep in New Zealand

Sheep remain an important part of the New Zealand economy, with approximately seven sheep to every person living in New Zealand. This stamp illustrates the tranquil setting of New Zealand's pastures, perfect for rearing sheep.

$2.50 – Church of the Good Shepherd

The Church of the Good Shepherd was the first church built in the South Island’s Mackenzie Basin in 1935 and sits next to the stunning Lake Tekapo. The stamp shows an illustration of the church with a Chinese kite and long white cloud, reflecting the multicultural nature of New Zealand.

New Zealand Post: Year of the Sheep – FDC

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