The Battle of Gangut – an important stage of Russian history

The Battle of Gangut – an important stage of Russian history
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5 votedvote is glad to inform that on the 1st August Russian Post issued a commemorative block of stamps commemorating the Battle of Gangut. On the postal block the engraving by M. Baku "The Battle at Gangut July 27, 1714" is depicted.

On July 27 (August 7) took place two glorious victories of the Russian Fleet — naval battles with Swedish fleet at Cape Gangut (Hanko) and at Grengam (Granhamn).

Struggle for sea access, first of all, to the Baltic Sea had been one of the major directions of Russian foreign policy since the olden days. The 1700-1721 Great Northern War and, in particular, the naval battles of the Russian and Swedish fleets at the Cape of Gangut (Hanko) and Grengam became one of the most important stages in this struggle.

Gangut was the first major victory of the Russian fleet. It infused courage into Russian soldiers, having shown, that the Swedes can be beaten not only on the land, but also at the sea. Russia strengthened its position in Finland. Fighting was transferred to the Swedish territory.

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