St.Vitus Cathedral as a religious symbol of Czech Republic

St.Vitus Cathedral as a religious symbol of Czech Republic
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According to info got by Czech Post is preparing for issuing a new stamp featuring St. Vitus Cathedral that is very important religious building in this country. The stamp is to be issued on the 15th of October.

A stamp depicts the image of kneeling Ernest of Pardubice, the first Archbishop of Prague, from his gradual and the first picture of the cathedral from Schedel's World Chronicle (Nuremberg 1494). The miniature sheet displays a stylised picture of today's cathedral with invocating angels designed according to the painting of so-called Kłodzko Madonna. The painting was donated by Ernest to the Augustinian monastery established by him in his birth town.

St. Vitus, St. Wenceslas and St. Adalbert Cathedral is the dominant structure of Prague Castle. It is a three-nave Gothic cathedral with three residential towers and the church of the Archbishop of Prague.

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