Ships at Sea completes Nordic Series the North by the Sea by Aland Post

Ships at Sea completes Nordic Series the North by the Sea by Aland Post
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The last miniature sheet in the current Nordic series by Aland Post presents the view of the bridge of a freighter out towards the horizon. It has been designed by Aland artist Juha Pykalainen.

The development of Aland into a seafaring nation gained momentum around the middle of the 1800s with a vigorous development of farmer-seafaring. The need for both import and export freight increased as the Aland society grew. From the 1920s onwards, when many ship-owners around the world turned to steamships, Aland ship-owners bought up sailing ships inexpensively. Gustaf Erikson, for one, built up the world's largest fleet of sailing ships.

After World War II, sailing ships had filled their purpose. Serving as a museum, the four-masted barque Pommern today lies in the western harbour of Mariehamn in memory of the sailing ship era.

In the late 1950s, Aland shipping entered a new era when passenger service between Mariehamn and Sweden gained speed. Today, passenger traffic to and from Aland ports is intense. In addition to scheduled passenger traffic, Aland is also a popular summer destination for cruise ships from around the world.

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