Notable Women – Luisa Cuesta commemorated by Correo Uruguayo

Notable Women – Luisa Cuesta commemorated by Correo Uruguayo
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Correo Uruguayo issued a stamp to honor Luisa Cuesta, tireless fighter for human rights, who was looking for her missing son for nearly 40 years. At her 93, a commemorative stamp was launched to commemorate her perseverance in the struggle for human rights.

For almost 40 years, Luisa Cuesta was looking for her son, Nebio Melo, disappeared during the dictatorship. Tireless activist for human rights, defender of truth and justice, example of struggle and perseverance, proud mother, Luisa Cuesta has earned 1,000 applause she received during the presentation of the stamp. This tribute is also part of the celebrations for International Women's Day 2014. Solange Moreira, president of Correo Uruguayo, said Cuesta is an example for society and defined her as "one of the greatest women this country has".

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