Estonian New series of stamps feature Folk Costumes – Mihkli & Vigala!

Estonian New series of stamps feature Folk Costumes – Mihkli & Vigala!
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Mihkli Parish that lies on the boundary of the Lääne and Pärnu Counties is to release a new series of stamps that depict folk culture. As found out, one of the stamps has a young man and girl in clothes of the mid-19th century. The young man wears a suit typical to the period but differs from others by its greenish blue color. Also the girl’s cardigan with puffy sleeves is slightly peculiar. The girl is bareheaded, but married women wore a rather peculiar cocked cap which had to be tied under the chin so it would stay in place at all.

The embroidery of one such cap has been used in the First Day cancellation. In the second half of the 19th century women of Vigala Parish wore beautiful red chequered skirts, cardigans with the shoulders buffed up and wide necks, later also jackets, tall hats, aprons of print cotton as well as numerous kerchiefs. Necklaces of coin pendants were the preferred jewelry in Vigala Parish; some of them had several rows of beads and pendants. Sometimes we have to do with coin imitations, such as the pendent pictured in the FDC.

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