A special set of stamps EUROPA 2014 is available for collectors

A special set of stamps EUROPA 2014 is available for collectors
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5 votedvote found out, that POST Philately has commissioned Luxembourg artist Pit Weyer to design both stamps in the "EUROPA 2014" series. Pit Weyer is renowned in Luxembourg and around the world for his hand-painted, colourful and expressive works.

Mr Weyer, how did you approach the idea of using "musical instruments" on our Europa stamps?

First I researched whether there are any traditional "Luxembourgish" musical instruments. For example, did you know that the saxophone was invented by a Belgian called Sax? Sadly, according my research there are no typical Luxembourgish instruments. This is why I depicted "music in general", but with reference to Luxembourg culture.

How would you describe the differences between the stamps in your own words?

One stamp is more colorful and explosive than the other so comes across as more powerful. It depicts a small group of musicians clothed in historical peasant costumes playing the traditional Luxembourgish song, the "Hämmelsmarsch", on traditional instruments.

The other stamp shows another musical scene that is typical for Luxembourg: a folklore group in a small village.

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