Rare British Commonwealth Stamp to Be Auctioned at Dutch Auction House NPV

Rare British Commonwealth Stamp to Be Auctioned at Dutch Auction House NPV
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On next Thursday, 31 October the most expensive stamp ever auctioned in the Netherlands will come under the hammer. The postage stamp has a catalogue value of about £120,000 and had a face value of £100 when printed. The 1925 Kenya-Uganda stamp features a portrait of King George V, the colonial ruler of East Africa in the period. The stamp is special because only a few were printed and there are only four unfranked, mint examples in museums and private collections. The face value of the stamp is also unusual: £100 was a fortune at the time.

The stamp is being offered for auction by the heirs of the Dutch stamp collector Aat de Peijper and is part of his remarkable stamp collection. The mounting pages comprising the collection would cover a small tennis court (165 m2).

The Dutch Postage Stamp and Coin Auction Ltd. (De Nederlandsche Postzegel- en Muntenveiling BV or NPV) was established in 1942. Auctioning of coins commenced in 1980 and the NPV grew to become the Dutch leader in the international stamp collections auction market. The NPV's specialists are experienced in the field of stamps, postal history and numismatics and have access to an extensive collection of numismatic and philatelic works of reference. The NPV holds eight auctions per year.

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