History Set in Stone: Rock Art in the Amazon – new stamp from Brazil

History Set in Stone: Rock Art in the Amazon – new stamp from Brazil
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The rock art is a term used to describe man-made drawings on the rocks. This is a prehistoric form to record the accumulation of acquired knowledge and to share culture and customs of a particular community with next generations. This special mean of graphic communication became theme of the special issue by Correios Brazil "History Set in Stone: Rock Art in the Amazon".

The stamp shows a representation of the east slope of the Serra da Lua located in the town of Monte Alegre where the most important and best-known Amazon cave paintings can be found. On the picture the painter Mario Baratta expresses the value of relationship between man and place chosen as dwelling and shelter. The painter shows the aesthetics of the rock paintings as record of traces left by those who lived about 11,000 years ago.

By this issue the Brazilian post highlights the importance of rock art in the Amazon as a way of understanding the life of prehistoric societies. The stamp values the unique beauty of this type of artistic expression.

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