Finnish educational system to be honored with a stamp

Finnish educational system to be honored with a stamp
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The first publication in the series "Finnish Educational System" is the "From Grammar School to Pisa" issue, presenting the Finnish school system. The booklet is part of a series of five publications by Itella Posti Oy related to the centennial of Finnish independence, which will be celebrated in 2017.

Beginning from the 19th century, schooling in Finland has promoted the wellbeing and success of Finnish society. The Finnish school system is highly valued all over the world. It is no coincidence that Finland is at the top of the PISA research results year after year.

The six first-class stamps designed by Ville Tietavainen depict the cornerstones of the Finnish school system. The stamps, shaped like coats of arms, feature Uno Cygnaeus, the founder of the school system as well as school healthcare, school lunches, school tuition, physical education, and language instruction in school.

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