Europa 2013 – Postal Vehicles stamps from Faroe Islands

Europa 2013 – Postal Vehicles stamps from Faroe Islands
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Since the theme of this year's Europe issue is current postal vehicles, the two cars depicted on the Faroese stamps are cars that are used by the postal service today.  The two cars are: a FIAT DUBLO MAX from 2012 (FO 765) and a Scania R420 from 2007 (FO 766).

However, the first car used by the Faroese post was a Suzuki jeep, as found out StampNews. Suzuki's first jeep was called "Suzuki Jimmy". The Jimmy model was produced until the mid-70s. The next generation of Suzuki jeeps, the SJ 410, was introduced in 1982, followed by the SJ 413 in 1983. However, the model Suzuki began producing in 1985 became very visible in the Faroese landscape. At the time, rural postmen in particular used cars in their work – for the same reasons they do today.

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