Energy Conservation stamps from Korea

Energy Conservation stamps from Korea
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To remind us of the importance of energy conservation at a time when the entire world is facing an unprecedented energy crisis, Korea Post held an International Postage Stamp Design Contest under the theme of Energy Conservation and issued special stamps featuring the 4 works that won the grand and gold prizes in the youth and general category. "Green industry" by Ng Hio Wai (Macao, China), the grand prize winner in the general category, expresses, through the image of green leaves, not pollutants, rising from the factory chimneys, the message of: "through energy conservation, let's reduce pollutant emissions". "Riding a bicycle" by Kim Eun-jeong (Korea) is the gold prize winner in the general category. Employing the images of the green earth and a wreath made of sprouts, this work expresses the message that the use of bicycles instead of cars can turn the earth we live on into a beautiful environment surrounded with green forests and flowers, which will in turn keep us healthy. "Keeping icebergs alive" by Yu Jae-gyeol (Korea), the grand prize winner in the youth category, conveys a message on the vicious cycle of the air conditioners and electric fans we use to avoid the heat spewing out another heat, which leads to the meltdown of the icebergs in the polar region. "Unplugging" by Kim A-ram (Korea), the gold prize winner in the youth category expresses the message that we can put energy conservation into practice by the mere act of unplugging, in a funny way that employs the images of a socket shape, smiling face and the shape of "ⓔ" which symbolizes electricity.

Now is the time for the global village to put energy conservation into practice for its very survival. For the Korean people in particular, whose country is the world's no.9 energy consumer and which depends on imports for 96% of its energy needs, energy conservation is no longer an option but a must.

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