Children at Play stamps from Taiwan

Children at Play stamps from Taiwan
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To rekindle warm memories of childhood, Chunghwa Post is releasing another set of five "Children at Play" postage stamps. Their designs follow:

1. Carrying Lanterns: Using sticks to carry lanterns with candles flickering inside through the dark streets used to be a common childhood memory of the lantern festival.
2. Flying Paper Airplanes: Raise your gaze upward and send a paper airplane out into space. Let it carry childhood dreams to heaven.
3. Playing with a Pinwheel: When the wind picks up, bring out your pinwheel and let the wind do its magic: Let it spin back the rich and varied joys of childhood.
4. Spinning Tops: You fling yours, and I’ll fling mine. Spinning tops have long brought happiness to children.
5. Playing with Hand Puppets: Remarkably true-to-life hand puppet dramas captivate children, adding much pleasure to their lives.

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