Latvian Contemporary Architecture – Dailes Theatre stamp

Latvian Contemporary Architecture – Dailes Theatre stamp

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Latvijas Pasts issued a stamp from the series “Latvian Contemporary Architecture” dedicated to the Dailes Theatre. The Dailes Theatre is an outstanding part of Latvian culture, with a wealth of traditions that date back nearly 80 years.

Initially the Dailes Theatre was housed in a building at Lacplesa street 25, but in 1977 the theatre moved to a purpose-built structure at Brivibas street 75. The construction of the building was a fulfillment of one of the director Eduards Smilgis’ dreams. The building has a main hall with 1,000 seats, a smaller hall with 200 seats, and, since 1998, the Chamber hall with 100 seats. This makes the Dailes Latvia’s largest theatre.

There are 44 actors in the company, although other actors are invited to appear in specific performances. The name of the Dailes theatre is firmly linked to such stars in the Latvian theatrical firmament as director Eduards Smilgis, legendary playwright and poet Rainis, major stage stars Lilita Berzina, Vija Artmane, Harijs Liepins, Eduards Pavuls, and many others.

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