Catch a Wave with Australia Post’s new stamp issue!

Catch a Wave with Australia Post’s new stamp issue!

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Australia Post celebrates surfing with the release of four stamps coinciding with the 50th anniversary of Surfing Australia.

Surfing Australia, a not-for-profit incorporated national sporting organization, was established to guide the development of surfing and promote the sport in Australia.
The origins of surfing in Australia are often attributed to visiting Hawaiian Olympic swimmer Duke Kahanamoku, who demonstrated board riding at Freshwater Beach, New South Wales in the summer of 1914-15. Prior to this, a handful of New South Welshmen were riding their boards “Hawaiian-style”, most probably was Tommy Walker.

Australians began embracing the beach during the 1950s and 1960s, the period in which surfing surged in popularity. Surf culture defined a generation of youth, offering a sense of freedom and adrenaline-charged times. By the 1960s, surfing was making its way into the mainstream style of young Australians.

The stamps cover surf-pilgrimage, beach-beauties, pro-surfing and sixties-surfing themes.

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