Samogitia Christianization on the First Lithuanian Stamp 2013

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The first Lithuanian stamp of this year is to be released on Saturday, January 5. The new stamp is intended to commemorate the 600th anniversary of Samogitia Christianization and establishment of the Samogitia Diocese.

The Grand Duke of Lithuania Vytautas and the King of Poland Vladislovas Jogaila, with the aim to bring the Grand Duchy of Lithuania closer to the culture of Western Europe, started Christianising Lithuania in 1387 following the rites of the Roman Catholic Church. However, due to a specific political and historical situation, Samogitia further remained a pagan region. Vytautas and Jogaila initiated Christianization of Samogitians only in 1413, and the process was finalized in 1417 with the establishment of the Samogitia Diocese. The first Samogitian bishop assigned was Motiejus Trakiskis.

The 600th anniversary of Samogitia Christianization will be celebrated in Telsiai, Zemaicių Kalvarija, and Varniai.

The stamp features the first Samogitian bishop Motiejus Trakiskis and a fragment from Wlodzimierz Tetmajer's fresco "Christianization of Lithuania" (Sosnowiec Cathedral, Poland).

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