Joy of Europe stamp issue by Serbia

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Gathering of children "Joy of Europe" each year, from distant 1969, brings together children of Europe from 7 to 15 years of age who promote friendship, as a symbol of children's unity, through different activities and also present exchange of different cultures. Authentic children's creativity, expressed in direct contact with the citizens of Belgrade, each October (from 1st till 6th), opens the door to the better mutual understanding and better understanding of children's world in general.

Motive on the stamp: Darja Celisceva, 7 years old, Painting studio of Children's cultural centre Belgrade.

Motive on vignette: Tara Dukic, 10 years old, Painting studio of Children's cultural centre Belgrade.

Motives on the envelope: Andrea Tadic, 9 years old, Dorde Rasic, 9 years old, Darja Celisceva, 7 years old, Milica Tadic, 5 years old.

Expert assistance:

Katarina Bulajic Pavlovic and Goran Simic, Children's cultural centre Belgrade Painting studio

Lidija Senicar, editor of international art competition "Joy of Europe".

Graphic processing of stamp: MA Marina Kalezic, academic painter.

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