Fun and Liberty 2012 stamps by Luxembourg

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Two new stamps in the "Fun & Liberty" series will be placed on sale in September 2012 in Luxemboug. Camping and motorcycling were the subjects in 2010 when "Fun & Liberty" was launched. This year paragliding and diving stamps are issued. These two stamps were designed by Timo Wuerz, young German artist.

"With regard to stamps, I work exclusively for P&TLuxembourg. I am always very happy when they make such a request because I really like to create stamps and to collaborate with the Luxembourg Post", says an enthusiastic Timo Wuerz. The instructions provided were not a great challenge for this independent artist: "I have already tried paragliding myself. That allowed me to recreate the perspective of a glider in the air. On the other hand, I have long been in favour of the protection of nature and animals, and I have personal contacts with the population and government of the Maldives. The subject of diving and the undersea world was therefore, a good opportunity for me, with a great deal of multicoloured fish around. All the fish included on the stamp are also found in nature".

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