Sports Legends stamps by Papua New Guinea

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To commemorate the sports achievements of Papua New Guinea, Post PNG fittingly chose to feature some of the sporting legends on this stamp issue.

Tha stamps feature:

Iamo Launa (K1.20) - Papua New Guinea's greatest female athlete and current PNG Sports Foundation Executive Director.

Martin Beni (K1.20) - Papua New Guinea's first professional boxer.

Stanley Nandex (K6.00) - PNG's kickboxing legend, "The Headhunter". In a professional career spanning 48 fights, there were 41 victories - 30 of them by knockout. Out of the 48, seven of them were world titles fights which made him a world champion. Stanley also won four times 'Knockout of the year' Awards.

Willie Genia (K8.00) - Papua New Guinean-born, Australian rugby union player.

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