Czech stamp to commemorate national census

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A stamp commemorating the national census of population and dwellings in the Czech Republic is available from today. The volume is 1 million; the face value is CZK 10.

The stamp designed by Jan Kolar features the logo of the national census. A first day cover, accompanying the stamp, is also available.

The national census of population and dwellings in the Czech Republic will be conducted officially at midnight March 25th-26th. Parallel 2011 national censuses are to be taken in all EU countries for the first time in history.

The Czech Post was contracted by the Czech Statistical Office as provider of field works for the census. The works include: printing of the census form (more than 20 million copies) and its delivery to each respondent in person; collection of completed forms; everything around the nationwide logistics; helping those who may need advice on how to complete the form; services of a call centre available during the census to all respondents, as well as other services.

An absolute majority of the census collectors will be employees of the Czech Post, i.e. people having the best and longest experience in delivery services and private data protection.

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