Autumn’s first Finnish stamps: Pop culture classics, national parks and nature

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The autumn stamps kick off on 13 September with pop antiques from the 1960s. Many homes in those days had the Cobra phone, go-go boots, ball chair and floral mirror shown on Pekka Piippo's stamp. The Antiques stamp series thus makes a leap in time from the previous Gustavian and Art Nouveau stamps.

The national parks stamp takes us this time to Torronsuo in Southwest Finland. The first class non-value indicator stamp designed by Teemu Ollikainen is an autumnal image of a marsh with data on the location.

Beautiful Finnish scenery is also shown on the miniature sheet entitled Autumn. Designed by Asser Jaaro, the three stamps depict a crayfish, mallards and a European elk (moose).

Written in Braille, the stamps also carry the markings "1 lk kl" (First Class) and "Suomi-Finland".

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