Postage stamp to honor German aviator Elly Beinhorn

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German Post has issued a stamp dedicated to Elly Beinhorn, famed German aviator.

On 13 August 1935 Elly Beinhorn performed a flight which made her famous. Her airplane Bf 108 "Taifun" flew 13.5 hours in a distance of 3,470 kilometers. The start was in Gliwice (Poland). The flight took her over the Carpathians and the Transylvanian Alps to the airport Ye Ilkoy in Istanbul. After a short break, Elly went back to Berlin (Germany) where she was greeted by an enthusiastic crowd.

Even before this record case Beinhorn had performed many famous long-distance flights (1931 flight to Africa with crash, 1931-1932 world flight over the Far East, Australia and the USA, 1933 flight to the former German African colonies). Thus she became the most famous German pilot.

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