New Zealand to issue alphabet stamps

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New Zealand Post are to issue a new set of stamps on 6 August based upon the letters in the alphabet.

50c - A is for Aotearoa
50c - B is for Beehive
50c - C is for Cook
50c - D is for Dog
50c - E is for Edmonds
50c - F is for Fantail
50c - G is for Goodnight Kiwi
50c - H is for Haka
50c - I is for Interislander
50c - J is for Jelly Tip
50c - K is for Kia Ora
50c - L is for Log o'wood
50c - M is for Mudpools
50c - N is for Nuclear Free
50c - O is for O.E.
50c - P is for Pinetree
50c - Q is for Quake
50c - R is for Rutherford
50c - S is for Southern Cross
50c - T is for Tiki
50c - U is for Upham
50c - V is for Vote
50c - W is for Weta
50c - X is for X-treme Sports
50c - Y is for Yarn
50c - Z is for Zeeland

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