Monasteries of Russian Orthodox Church

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The Russian Svyato-Panteleymonov monastery was founded on the Saint Mountin Afon in the 11th century. The head of the great martyr Panteleymon is kept in the cathedral. It is the greatest shrine of the monastery.


The Svyato-Uspenskaya Kiyevo-Pecherskaya Laura was founded in 1051 on the right bank of the Dnepr. The main shrines of the monastery are the caves where the imperishable relics of the founders of the monastery, St.Antony and Feodosy Pecherskiye, rest.


The Spaso-Evfrosinievsky Convent for women was founded about 1128 in Polotsk by St.Evfrosiniya, a Polotsk princess. Her relics were transferred to Polotsk from Kiev. They have been kept in the monastery cathedral since 1910.


The Gornensky Convent for women was founded by archimandrite Antonin in 1886 not far from Jerusalem, where, as the Holy Writ says, the Blessed Virgin Mary met holy Elisabeth. The icon "Madonna and St.Elisabeth" is one of the main shrines of the monastery.


The Pukhtitsky monastery of the Blessed Virgin's Assumption was founded in 1891 on a picturesque hill Kuremyae, which is situated in the north-east of Estonia, between the Finnish bay and Lake Chudskoye. The heart of the monastery is a majestic five-domed cathedral of the Blessed Virgin's Assumption. The wonderworking icon of the Blessed Virgin's Assumption is kept in the cathedral and is the main shrine of the monastery.

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